DNA Workshop (An Interactive Video Tutorial of Computational Aids)

Proponent: Defense Nuclear Agency

Version-Date: 1.1/Decenber 1995

Summary: Includes the following Computational Aids: Blast Effects, Blueout, Cratering and Ground Shock, ELF Propagation, Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), Fallout, FM 101-31 Targeting, 3-D Fuze, Moving Receiver Environments (MORE), Nuclear Weapon Effects, Sci-Graphics, Strategic Weaponeering, System-Generated EMP (SGEMP), Thermal Radiation, XRAY Radiation Transport.

Format: CD Rom

System Requirements: MS Windows Version 3.1 or higher
CD-ROM drive
Action Media II card

Point of Contact: Defense Nuclear Agency
6801 Telegraph Road
Alexandria, VA 22310-3398

Notes: Considered CRITICAL TECHNOLOGY. Restrictions apply. Distribution authorized to U.S.Government agencies only.