Hazard Prediction & Assessment Capability (HPAC)

Proponent: Defense Special Weapons Agency (DSWA)

Version-Date: 2.0/July 1996

Summary: The Hazard Assessment System for Consequence Analysis (HASCAL) is part of HPAC. It includes the Second-order Closure Integrated PUFF (SCIPUFF) model for turbulent transport, a new and advanced technology that provides a highly efficient and accurate prediction for a wide range of hazard scenarios. The HASCAL system is used for assessing potential hazards associated with conventional attacks on biological, nuclear, and chemical facilities or from nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. In addition, HASCAL provides the ability to calculate nearly any atmospheric transport incident for which the source term can be estimated.

Format: CD ROM

System Requirements: 486 90Mhz class system (or greater)
16MB of RAM
26 MB of free hard disk space for installation, 50 MB for permanent swap space, plus sufficient space to save project files (10 MB minimum)
Microsoft Windows 3.1, 3.11 (Workgroups), Windows NT, or Windows 95

Point of Contact: LTC A.J. Kuehn, LtcCol Jim Hodge, Mr. David Myers, Maj Tom Smith, Mr. Walter Zimmers, CPT Ed Garcia

Defense Special Weapons Agency
Weapons Effects Division
6801 Telegraph Road
Alexandria, VA 22310-3398

Notes: Distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies and their contractors.