NBC Toolbox

Proponent: U.S. Army Chemical School

Version-Date: Version 1.1/July 1997

Summary: This software enables the user to perform information retrieval related to NBC operations. The user can perform searches that will give information on:

  • Decontamination: NBC decon of soldiers, equipment, terrain; decontaminants; techniques
  • Protection: Individual and collective protection; NBC protection
  • Hazard Prediction: NBC downwind hazard prediction; NBC warning and reporting
  • Chemical Properties: Physical and chemical properties of NBC agents and compounds
  • Field Behavior of NBC Agents: Effects of weather/terrain; Diffusion/atmospheric conditions
  • Other: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps; Joint Services NBC defense information

Format: CD ROM

System Requirements: 386, 486, or Pentium based computer
MS Windows 3.1, Windows ’95, or Windows NT 3.5
CD-ROM drive

Point of Contact: Commandant, U.S. Army Chemical School, ATZN-CMR-A
Ft. McClellan, AL 36205-5020

Notes: Distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies only.
Website Requires Password.

Website: http://www.arl.mil/nbcweb/