The Dangers Of Steroids

The Dangers Of Steroids

Steroids, anabolic steroids are a substance not to be toyed with.  In the wrong hands and with the wrong purpose, steroids can cripple or even kill.  Only doctors should be able to prescribe any form of steroids and the use of steroids is illegal.  We need to look at the risks and dangers of anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids come in different forms but usually as pills or as  a solution introduced via needles.  Either way, they’re deadly and should not be in the hands of anyone who isn’t a medical professional.

Steroids can cause any number of problems such as heart clogging and liver disorders.  Females will grow facial hair and muscles and men can see their testicles shrink, sperm counts diminish and in teens, it can stunt their growth.  These are just a few of the problems that steroids produce and parents should be adamant in disciplining their kids about the use of such substances.


Why People use Illegal Steroids

It’s usually the young people who will abuse steroids.  They want to compete and excel in sports or they just want to look intimidating against other kids and adults who are naturally big and strong.  Peer pressure alone is enough to make a young person want to bulk up and steroids will grow muscle and grow muscle fast.  The problem is that although you’ll look good on the outside, it’s what is going on in the inside that is the real danger.

Some people, even women , will take the drugs to lose fat.  Muscle burns fat far more efficiently thus increasing muscle mass means one’s metabolism will accelerate and burn excess calories even while asleep.  This weight control method is very dangerous.

This is where the major problems start.  The media continually projects to boys that being big and muscular means success and popularity.  This spurs them on to using these drugs and inevitably ending up in all sorts of trouble.

Parents should be aware that there are a number of anabolic steroids out there.  Oxandrin, anadrol, dianobol, winstrol, equipoise, and deca-durabolin.


The Ways To Use

People who use steroids for strength and muscularity will apply them in ways to maximize their effects.   People will take steroids in a  process that is called ‘pyramiding’ whereby they will start at a low dosage and increase to a peak and then diminish their does.  They’ll also take more than one steroid at a time in what is referred to as ‘stacking’.  No matter how you take steroids, it still has the potential to cause great harm or worse.


Ewwww!  Steroids Do What?

If that’s not enough to scare you, here are some other manifestations of what happens when one abuses steroids.  For both males and females, the steroids can screw up one’s hormones to the point that some form of cross sex manifestations occur.  Males can start growing breast tissue and see their testicles reduce in size and function and again, females can expect more body and facial hair and a deeper voice as well as developing male facial features and losing femininity in many areas.  Disfiguring conditions can develop and may not be repairable.  Hair thinning and baldness may occur to both sexes, violent behavior know as ‘roid rages’.

It’s no myth that people go into roid rages now and then.  The headlines are often revealing how these events occur and cause death and mayhem.  It’s no wonder why steroids are illegal.

Not only can steroids send a person into a rampaging psychotic, but they can cause hallucinations and delusions.  People in these states are a danger to one and all.


What To Do

If you are approached by someone wanting to get you to use anabolic steroids, just walk away.  Decide quickly as to whether to report them to the police or not.  The best thing you can do is stay away from these people because they’re not out for your best interests.   Keep an eye out on your children.  Ask them about steroids to see if any are in their environment such as with other kids at school  using steroids or selling them.  Emphasize the importance of your prohibiting their use and emphasize that not only are they dangerous, they’re also illegal.  You do not want your kids to sue such substances and share or promote to others.  If another kid dies from your kid giving them steroids, you and your household will be looking at a wrongful death suit and that’s not fun.



It’s up to you for the most part to avoid steroid use.  It is extremely dangerous as it’s been outlined here.  Not only are the drugs dangerous and lethal, but the administering of the drug via needles can transmit deadly diseases like AIDS or hepatitis.  You definitely don’t want those two problems as they’ll eat your time and resources up.



It’s a sad state of affairs where our culture not only promotes excessive muscle and such as a plus to being accepted among groups.  Young people are under great levels of peer pressure as it is and the irresponsibility and denial of the adults in our culture, is why these dangerous substances get into the hands of the young.  We need to take greater precautions and establish the need for professional counseling so that kids don’t fall into the steroid trap in the first place, and we need to provide law enforcement with the tools and support necessary to prevent and capture those who illegally sell these products.